We’re Only as Sick as Our Secrets

My dear friend Ruth at TheWholeRuth just shared this landmine of a video and beautiful personal post, about the aliveness created when we speak our truth.  As for me, I’ll say, though nowhere near perfect, or transparent as much as I ache, when I first began releasing my secrets, bringing light to my shameful parts and being witnessed doing so are where I can say…”this is when I discovered Love…with a capital L. After this moment, my life changed forever.”

“We’re only as sick as our secrets…” I’m so grateful to see the other side of speaking shame out loud. I was raised with the good intention of respecting humility and somehow claiming tiny, or large, shames seemed too selfish.
I like that this man talks about his friend who considered suicide a better option than speaking his truth. I rarely hear people talk about what a life-or-death situation silencing oneself can be. Being our true selves is more important than how society may judge that truth.
For a long time, I wanted to live in a world where society is more respectful of truth than judgmental of it. Now I see that it was me who was falling for the judgement. And slowly accepting all of my imperfections gives me a fullness inside that doesn’t need to search as often for the opinions of others.
Although, ironically, in my…

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