Feminist in the Field


Hey Out there Audience Ether People Eaters,

When something is fresh… a project, relationship, healthy habit, pet, a baby you’ve brought into the world… to step out of consistency… to step out of parenting said new thing can mean its extinction.

And I stepped out of writing my NittyGritty posts — or finishing them rather — last month, when all of a sudden, completing my writings on “eating gluten free in Europe” or “my experience as ‘aging’ actor” fell beneath the priority of being in the present conversation about race and gender.  The election season’s culmination and after effect has been a monumental energy shifter for our nation.  And catalyst in finally launching my new conversation brand — aimed to create healing dialogue around the topics that keep us divided. {www.looksgoodonyouinc.com}

Now, in this first week of December, I find myself for the first time in my life, stepping outside of the realm of diligent actor and into the realm of field researcher.  As if I had some grant  (which I do not), I am out in the field in Portland, Oregon, to delve in to an active community to which I am VISITOR in, and engage in conversations about gender/prejudice/shame/equality and the many many conversations that stem from that.  As I type this, I am living the life of my dreams… minus the being in debt thing… and not having a next pay check… or having a project booked for soon to make me feel like a valid actor.

Just wanted to check in to say “Hey” and that I’m living and not sure where I’m going but that I’m following some strong ass gut intuition right now.

Peace, Frogs, and Talk to you soon,



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