Nasty {Sensitive} Women & Candida

This is for my Nasty Women.  This is for those who identify themselves with having a candida overgrowth related issue or may instinctually feel yeast overgrowth may be a culprit in what’s ailing them.  This is for my strong {sensitive} women who have a mission in them so deep to f* injustice in the face that their armer has had to be crafted of invincible diamond just in order to walk through their world every day.

We’re going to explore the relationship between women, sensitivity and extreme yeast/fungi overgrowth in the body.  Hang here for a moment…

Over the years, I’ve talked to many women who have had or presume they are experiencing candida overgrowth.  In sharing over our nitty gritty life details, I have found most of us share a number of these things in common… our struggles to Be… to be as full & honest as we ache to be… a heightened social consciousness and self consciousness … stories of physical, psychical, sexual, and emotional abuse at the hand {or languaging} of others, or of our own doing, or both… a want to heal what it has meant to be feminine and female in this world… a history of an eating disorder… history of hormonal imbalance… and often sugar addictive tendencies.

And I can’t help but think… that yes surely birth control pills, antibiotics, processed foods, stress, etc are largely part and parcel of candida overgrowth… BUT the Fact that we presumed we couldn’t trust our bodies and then delved into birth control… the fact that we got sick {and then weren’t trusted to heal on our own} and were given antibiotics… the fact that we instinctually knew mineral rich foods may fuel us but gravitated towards the foods that gave us a drug like high to soothe us… that our hormones could have been off balance due to the weight of the world we were carrying and not because our bodies were off chemically… that the symptoms that encourage candida overgrowth stem from the fact that we’ve abandoned ourselves at such a deep level.  This sensitive breed of woman has convinced herself that she can’t trust the truth in her.  And I don’t think the this sentence ^ was really a sentence.

Point is.  We, as women, and many of us who do not have candida overgrowth to show for it, have struggled to feel at peace as women/girls/other in this world and that this withheld energy eventually needed to make itself known symptomatically.  For us to stop in our tracks, and listen deeper to discover what was actually eating us alive.  

Speaking our truth hasn’t been easy.  Setting boundaries hasn’t been easy.

It has been my healing experience, that the bud of healing begins when we melt into trust. Trusting that the journey we’re on… this specific candida health journey… is meant to be here, is no mistake, and is the opportunity to uncover a new pearl unimaginable within our depths.  Healing is dedicating to ourselves fully… boundaries in tact… knowing that we’re worth it.  Our vitality is needed in order to be the woman we know we are.  Healing is finally hearing that voice inside of us that needed its space to speak.

A diet and herbs only takes us so far.  The other key is… allowing our truth to breathe… more and more.  Trusting in our voice and our significance.  Trusting that we’re meant for exactly what we dream of.

Reach out if this is you.  So we can support one another on yes — the eating and the emotional and physical withdrawals, tips to try, books to read, energy healing to explore — but even more importantly support one another on speaking our truth.  A current practice that’s shedding light for me is to take note daily of where I struggled to exercise my truest needs and thoughts as well as where I felt anchored and empowered.  In strengthening our boundaries we strengthen our immunity from the most inside inside out.

Talk soon,





4 thoughts on “Nasty {Sensitive} Women & Candida

  1. i love you so much jenna. i have been immersed in setting boundaries and speaking my truth. and i’ve just started the candida diet. but i haven’t thought about the stress of stuffing down my truth in the past contributing to the stress i knew was harming my immune system. it’s nice to tie it all together even further. even truer. excited to talk to you about all of this… xo


    1. You, Ms. Ruth are such an inspiration for me. Looking forward to connecting over this and all the lightnEss too— which is also a part of my healing. I ache for the depths BC that’s where I’ve felt most real, but am realizing, my boundaries can’t always take that pressure and that im missing the scenery and interactions in the shallows. Can’t wait:)


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