You Already Know How to Heal…

The photo above — being that of Small Batch CA Wine, Raw Vegan Choc Pecan Pie, and Local Goat Cheese — while wonderful foods, mindfully crafted, and all that jazz — is my last supper for these noms.  For a while at least.  A 90 day while.  Because for me, at present, these foods feed a pervasive yeast overgrowth scenario I have off and on in my body, currently in my blood stream {often referred to as Candida}, that impacts my vitality and my livelihood.  This feast above depicts my life in many ways.  A quite mindful yet indulgent, experiential, and celebratory life.  And.  This is perfect.  Because it leads me to moments like this and posts like this:
Ever notice…
How we savvy ladies and gents often KNOW or have a good intuitive hunch of what it would take to live our most vibrant life and yet… making the choice to “do you”… to truly prioritize your needs, your healing, your rest… is often put on the “maybe later” back burner?
Me Too.
Ever notice…
How when you have chosen to take care of yourself above all else that the world was WILDLY attracted to you?…(perhaps this was after a breakup when you nursed your way back to life as a mother would her lil’ babe, or when you first moved away on your own and delved into life on your own terms, or got fired from the job you hated and were forced to surrender, or when your disease overtook and you finally dedicated yourself to rest, or plunged in headfirst to provide your baby its most healthy pregnancy with unquestionable willingness).
Me Too.
when we are at our apex Shiniest it can feel most difficult to dedicate to ourselves…because when the world WANTS us… WE want to FEEL A PART OF THE WORLD and celebrate.  And celebration OFTEN equates drinking, over caffeinating, desserting, and overbooking our schedule.  And… None of this is wrong.  This cycle, this all or nothing, this fire and water, this S E N S I T I V I T Y you have
…is a gift.  An always and forever balance.  A personalized barometer for you.  That when looked at, holds the answer to the those confronting questions that only you know to ask yourself.
Where are you now?  Perhaps your fatigue is so high you can hardly remember what it feels like to ‘feel’ lightness and yet, it’s not hurting anyone else {yet} so you let it be.  Perhaps you have uncontrollable acne or eruptive skin eczema and have exhausted all protocol and products suggested by your dermatologists; when you tune in to your internal voice when looking at the mirror you can hear yourself scolding your reflection, or cursing her and your genetics.  And it hurts you.  But because you’re not prepping for any closeups, and you still have your loving heart ultimately shining through brightly, you pray the phase will pass and you continue on with further experimentation here and there, but perhaps without attempting that “other” approach.  Maybe you’re suffering from what you presume is irritable bowel syndrome, or yeast infections, but haven’t gained WEIGHT thank god, and so, you’d rather make due with the energy and health that you do have than potentially uncover what you may be told you are “not” allowed to eat in order to heal.
I guarantee you… it is easier to Choose you, with a capital “C” when you’re at ground zero health, than to be with irritation that is not life or death.  If you’re not with cancer, or even if you are, sometimes prioritizing that Halloween party in a couple weeks will always take precedence over a non-quick-fix approach to what is ailing you daily in your body mind and soul.  You fear abandoning your community involvement {or your community abandoning you}.  And yet by continuously falling prey to your FOMO (fear of missing out) you abandon YOUR self in the process.
I know for me, being an actor, often times it’s only when my physical appearance or skin is challenged, that I take a look at the divine symptom occurring and realize…
I T   I S   T H E R E   T O
R E M I N D   M E   T H A T   I   M A T T E R.
That I matter enough to re-consider my perspective.
I want to invite any of you ladies who may be interested in delving into a Candida Cleanse — {what’s candida?  Email me} — or wanting to delve into their own specific healing journey that they have been putting off but would love support around — to email me here.  Very likely, this will either become a reply all email type group or quick newsletter like thred with facebook group attachment.
Most health challenges are DEEPer than mere surface stuff. And it’s safe to go there.  In fact, your healing likely depends on it…b/c you’re that archaic and wise.  Whether you are aided by Western medical aid or going completely natural woo woo style…what is needed in any healing is the consciousness and the love you pour into it.  And diving deep into your wellness journey may likely be more community CREATING and inspiring to yourself and others than you can possible conceive of now… regardless of the outcome.
And regardless of how your healing currently looks, trust that Healing may not look like how you imagine it to look. That’s the beauty of life.  And the beauty of trusting that you’re getting what you need whether you realize it or not.
Much love!

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