And so it begins…

There is something about nitty gritty female, this title, that stuck in my mind and heart a few months ago when I purchased the domain name.  Perhaps it wasn’t to be my alllll inclusive, inspirational company name {LooksGoodOnYouInc… coming soon…keep this name in your radar}… but for me, Jenna?  for my personal flow of questions, commentary, and life ponderings fueled by my history and areas of interest?  YES.  PLEASE.  And THANK YOU.

And yes… I am MORE than a female, obviously, BUT having been labeled as “female” from the time of my birth, I have lived my life within these confines and definitions.  Whether I was fighting them or not they existed as my barometer.  And living life as “female” has been complex and murky and beautiful and ever revealing and I would not have wanted it any other way.

And so it is.  Welcome to Nitty Gritty Female, where I lay out reflections, ideas, happenings, interviews… outspokenly, unapologetically, raw-tascious-ly, and always from a place of love.

…because when spoken {and written} with love, IT {the truth}, I truly believe, is received.

With love, from the perspective of me.  A nitty gritty female human.


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